Makayla and Zach

Every detail was simply on point and carefully planned out by the bride and executed by vendors and the staff of Weymouth Hill by the Charleston, WV couple.  The bride went for a classic glam look and the men sported dark tuxedos with bow ties.

A tear drifted down Zach’s cheek as he wanted the romance of seeing his gorgeous bride first as she walked down the aisle.  The reception was elevated elegance with fresh white floral, full dinner settings. Their wedding was featured in West Virginia Weddings.

The couple got to have their outdoor dancing under the stars as hoped and danced with friends sharing a first dance with Zach’s parents who share a wedding date.

The couple honeymooned in Greece and just a year later are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.

Mashea and Caleb

On a picturesque summer day in Ironton, Ohio this boho bride embraced the essence of a carefree summer celebration. Surrounded by her closest friends and family, the morning was filled with laughter and joy as the bride and her girls prepared for the day ahead. The church family played a significant role in the ceremony, adding a touch of warmth to the union. The bride, embodying the free-spirited summer bride look, radiated happiness as she walked down the aisle, ready to embark on a new chapter of her life.

The festivities continued into a vibrant reception where the couple from Wayne, WV, celebrated with their guests. What made this wedding truly special was the personal touch added by the mother of the bride, who dedicated her time to create most of the charming décor.  Adding a unique twist, the couple opted for newspaper-style scroll announcements, a creative nod to tradition that showcased their distinct personality and highlighted the small-town charm.

Photos courtesy of Brittany Wallace

Elizabeth and Colt

As a bustling life as a nurse, the Huntington, WV bride found solace in the hands of her devoted mother, who wholeheartedly immersed herself in planning her only daughter’s wedding. While the mother meticulously curated every detail, the bride, a summer enthusiast, simply dreamed of marrying her love and relishing in the joy of the day. And so, their dreams materialized into a beautiful reality. Surrounded by the warmth of their family and friends, the couple exchanged vows, sealing their love in an outdoor August wedding.

The celebration continued with a feast fit for royalty, an Italian meal that brought everyone together around the table.  It was a day where the simplicity of love met the richness of tradition, creating a wedding that was not just a union of two souls but a testament to the enduring power of family, love, and heartfelt moments.

Photos courtesy of Brenda Thompson and Kim Qullen

Brittany and Aaron

There’s nothing better than a sun-kissed summer evening outdoors with an atmosphere buzzing with laughter, and a circle of friends that spanned all the way from hometown  Portsmouth, Ohio to the mountains of Montana!

Aaron, a true music aficionado, infused his passion into the celebration with live harp melodies and electrifying tunes that set the dance floor on fire. Brittany, the epitome of elegance, graced the occasion with her hair knotted into a bun and a breathtaking A-line dress.

The couple opted for whimsical fresh-cut flowers adorning eclectic vases, and a vintage phone capturing heartfelt guest recordings, creating an ambiance of pure magic. The couple chose a cocktail-style reception, inviting their guests to mingle indoors and outdoors, creating an atmosphere where every moment was a memory in the making.

Young and seasoned souls alike joined in the festivities, keeping the celebration alive and vibrant until the event’s end.  This evening was not just a wedding; it was a symphony of love, laughter, and lifelong memories!

Photos Courtesy of Jeremy Reed

Sarah and Michael

            This young couple from West Virginia was surrounded by loved ones in a beautiful late spring wedding.  The couple had their eye on Weymouth Hill before their official engagement as they were waiting for his parents to move back from Italy to be a part of the engagement celebration.

            Sarah’s mother, Kate, was quick on her feet with planning as the couple opted for a short engagement, keeping everything most traditional.  The bride had a stand in bride walk down the aisle for her during rehearsal.  There were many special touches for their daytime wedding with hints of blue and a deep faith of the couple being at the center of the ceremony.  The large wedding party, family and friends enjoyed the afternoon celebrating this young couple just before they headed to their honeymoon.

Photos Courtesy Karrie Lycans

Kendall and Cody

            This spring wedding was abound with fresh blooms both in the ground and draping the ceremony space as well as layered in the reception cabin with a theme of blue everywhere.

            The garden ceremony gave way to a festive tented cocktail hour followed by the couple’s introduction parading the fountain with a posy toss leading into their first choreographed dance.

            This bride, a former actress, needed no theatrics on her day as her infectious smile and larger than life personality set the tone for many sweet moments with Cody and a most pleasant event.  Even a brief rain shower brought laughter and a sign of good luck to the happy couple.

            The couple met at her family-owned business when Covid and a broken leg led her home from L.A.   Who knew, sweet love was in store returning to her hometown. Both Kendall and Cody work in the banking business at Kentucky Farmer’s Bank in Ashland, Ky.

            They jumped right into the real test of marriage, remodeling a home together.  All was ready just in time for the happy couple to begin as husband and wife.

Photos Courtesy of Jessi Jones Photography

Kelly and Eric

            This busy nurse practitioner discovered her fellow hardworking life partner just across the river on Facebook.  Eric and Kelly were both already single parents, but found life is just sweeter doing it together.

            When the two decided on a winter wedding, they were also embarking on a house building project at the same time.  Keeping the wedding intimate with close family and friends, the Cartes found warmth in the cozy cabin on a misty January day.  Kelly opted for muted winter tones and had a fabulous bouquet made by an artisan from the Ukraine.

            Eric was a real trooper as he pushed through being slightly under the weather, but it wasn’t anything some salt air and 75 degrees couldn’t cure as the couple flew to honeymoon in Key West following their event.

Cassie and Tristan

There’s something magical about the Christmas season and when the season marks the anniversary of a long-standing courtship, why not make it your forever wedding anniversary.

Christmas break was the perfect time for Tristan to take a break from medical school and for family and friends to come together for the holiday also celebrating this union.  Cassie lost her father just a few months before, but his memory was certainly present as was so many devoted loves ones to include her go-getter Grandmother who led the charge of her décor—a gift she offers her grandchildren.

Family from as far away as Paris traveled to see Tristan and Cassie begin their life together.  Their wedding was a festive way to kick off Christmas gatherings.

Photos courtesy of QuinZur Photography

Candice and Brandon

While backpacking in Northern Idaho, Brandon surprised Candice with a ring only their engagement was secret for days as they were off the grid and didn’t have cell service to tell anyone.

Their December wedding less than six months later was anything but remote surrounded by abundant friends and family traveling from as far away as Alaska.

The couple opted for a nearby church ceremony with guests gathering to celebrate their reception inside the Weymouth Hill cabin with a festive spread of food, drinks and hot cocoa bar.  The couple danced the night away and guests were so cozy they hardly noticed the reception ending.

The couple honeymooned in Puerto Rico, but these avid adventurers are spotted all over when their work schedules allow.

Photos courtesy Mark Webb

Lauren and Tanner

The guests kept coming exceeding this couple’s head count, a sure sign that everyone was enthusiastic about celebrating their union.

 Lauren and Tanner spent over a year contemplating their wedding day, the logistics, when and where.  During their first visit, it was the resident Labradors who made the couple feel most at home as Tanner was awaiting his Labrador sight dog to complete training and possibly be in the ceremony.

This November wedding had all the warmth of a summer day.

Photos courtesy Rara Bowling