Five types of Dads who are heroes on your wedding day

            Even though the heart-warming comedic remake of Father of the Bride is nearly 30-years old, its relevance is certainly true today.  Mom typically busies herself with wedding planning, while Dad sits back and watches the price tag grow, lamenting on the apple of his eye no longer being his little girl.

            Often Dads traditionally have a quiet role just like the movie depicts but on wedding day, Dads spring into action rolling up their sleeves fixing any problems that may arise.  The Steve Martin character in the movie has to deal with a sewage overflow and help park cars not getting a chance to eat any of the food that was so judiciously selected, and a source of much financial churn.

            As we get to see a lot of Dads in action, it’s always heartwarming to see the things they do behind the scenes to keep your day going just right.    We are sharing just a few stories of some thoughtful dads we saw this year and things they did that most people didn’t notice.

            Dad number 1 is that extra dad.   This father of the bride had to be that dad who rolled in with pizzas on a Friday night when he learned his daughter’s friends were hanging at his house for the evening.   For his daughter’s wedding day, he made multiple trips to the venue that morning delivering Chick Fil A for the ladies and pizzas for the men.  We won’t talk about all his other stops hauling décor, drinks etc.

            Dad number 2 is the detail dad.  When there was a last-minute guest count change and the new count did not translate to the indoor setup crew, this dad was counting chairs and made the discovery.  His attention to detail caught it in far enough time to add the missing chairs and no one was any wiser.  It was impressive that Dad caught it first, even after a whole day of decorating and no one else noticed.

            Dad number 3 epitomizes what a daughter will look for in her future spouse.  This Dad scurried most of the day, helping fetch change of clothes and helping elderly guests.  At the end of the evening, he was spotted going back to the car to fetch a more comfortable pair of shoes, not for himself, but for his wife.   Obviously, this dad was setting some high goals.

            Dad number 4 won’t let sentiment go by the wayside.  When the Grandmother’s handkerchief was forgotten, he drove a two-hour round trip back to get it, even though it made him late for family photos.

            Dad number 5 is the enforcer of the night.  Just like he protected you when you were little, he will protect your wedding day.  These dads just know when it’s time to intervene, making decisions at the end of the night when everyone is too tired to think things through.

            We love being an active wedding venue staff and seeing the heart that makes the magic of so many beautiful weddings.  There are many people behind the scenes making weddings go well.  We do have a soft spot for the unsung hero dads.

Elizabeth Slagel

Elizabeth worked in public relations before becoming a wife/mother focusing attention on raising three children and supporting her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors. She watched firsthand the grit and sacrifice in building a quality business from the ground and is poised to give 110 percent. Her passion has always been creative endeavors and the wow factor when hosting a business or personal event. The wedding industry is a natural for her as she loves interacting with people and can channel her inner creative.