6 ways to share the magic with your wedding guests

            “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to,” a guest says at one of our weddings.

When everyone you care about is under one roof, this should be the best day of your life—and why shouldn’t your guests feel it to?

            Spreading that sentiment to your guests will have them walking away with a similar wedding day high as you.  Sometimes, it’s just the sheer joy of college friends being reunited or a long-awaited union of a special couple.

No matter what feelings are at play, there are some common themes seen at the most successful weddings.  Here are a handful of dos and don’ts that keep your party hopping and folks offering 5-star reviews on the spot just because they feel the magic that is your day!

  1. Offer your guests something to eat or drink post ceremony. If you will be taking photographs post saying “I do”, do not keep your guests awkwardly standing around.  Instead have a thoughtful cocktail hour with light hors d’oeuvres.  If no appetizers, consider a thoughtful cocktail and don’t forget your teetotalers.  There are many festive mocktails to suit any thirsty person’s fancy.  This is the perfect time to break out something festive, like passed appetizers as seen at our most recent wedding.  This really created that feeling, “now this is a party,” as the couple did a wonderful job picking out eye-pleasing as well as tasty items for their guests.
  2. Don’t keep guests waiting too long. Again, if photographs will keep your guests waiting offer something entertaining like photo booths, corn hole, a live painter and or musician.  These are all excellent ideas we saw our couples plan to keep something festive moving while they are wrapped up behind the lens.
  3. Reception entertainment is a must. Of course, there are all the typical reception activities that can be included, but some of the best wedding receptions offered something special like animated toasts, a live band or even karaoke (know your crowd on this one).  A recent wedding reception opted for karaoke when several of their guests were vocally superior.  There were many fan favorites and ear plugs weren’t needed.
  4. Show up with a positive attitude. That’s right.  Wedding planning can be stressful, navigating family can be stressful and it can cause couples to not show up as their best selves.  When you show up to your wedding tense, or with a foul attitude, your energy will translate to your guests.   When the couple is set to have the best evening leaving behind all the stresses of the week, their crowd will feel it. The couples who show up with the best attitudes always have the best celebrations.
  5. End the night with the unexpected. This isn’t party favor items that will end up on the ground.  Typically, you can count on 40% of your guests at that last hour of your party.  Why not treat them to ice cream or Chick Fil A sandwiches?  They aren’t expecting it and are surely to be overwhelmed at how cool you are to send them on their way with a treat in hand.
  6. Lastly, do make your rounds to thank all your guests for coming. It’s so easy for the night to pass by all too quickly, but before you cut your cake, do your best to make a pass to all the tables to thank your guests personally for being there for you.

Elizabeth Slagel

Elizabeth worked in public relations before becoming a wife/mother focusing attention on raising three children and supporting her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors. She watched firsthand the grit and sacrifice in building a quality business from the ground and is poised to give 110 percent. Her passion has always been creative endeavors and the wow factor when hosting a business or personal event. The wedding industry is a natural for her as she loves interacting with people and can channel her inner creative.