Groom and bride at sunset

5 ways to feel the magic of your wedding day

By Elizabeth Slagel

            A former Weymouth Hill bride recently told me she and her husband watch their wedding video every week and have done so since their nuptials nine months ago.  Why?  In her words, “It was the best day of our lives.”

            That is the pinnacle of wedding planning and truly creating a magical day.  When your day exceeds what you plan, that’s just the icing on top your wedding cake.  We share five ways to enjoy and bring the magic of your wedding day.

  1. Savor every detail of your day. Bride and groom don’t forget to take a sneak peek at your reception space before it’s filled with guests.  Take in all the gorgeous floral taking time to see every delicate detail.  A recent floral designer exceeded this by adding subtle unique surprises to his hydrangea and white rose floral centerpieces with miniature decorative cabbages and Queen Anne’s Lace playing upon the whole English Garden vibe.
  2. Invite your designated A-list of guests. This is the trickiest part when having to trim a list but remember your guests will affect how you and your significant other feel about your day and be resolved you can’t please everyone.  A good tip is to categorize guests by immediate family, close and distant relatives, close friends, co-workers and acquaintances.   Decide which categories are the ones to trim and start there.  It’s not always easy, but your guests are a huge part of your wedding vibe.
  3. Go for the extras that make sense.  This is not to say totally disregard a budget.  Most of our couples add on items later in the process because they see the convenience, or it was an item they really wanted.  Recently, a couple added on a tent as they worried about rain.  It didn’t end up raining on their ceremony, but the tent doubled as a nice shade option for their open-air cocktail hour and added value.  Your venue should be flexible with add ons and able to advise you best practices.   An example would be not adding additional lighting for long summer day weddings, which would be a waste.
  4. Plan your wedding with purpose and intention.  Recently, my son’s friend shared her experience attending an over-the-top wedding designed by a Real Housewife in Miami. In her words, “it was too much.”  The overstimulation lacked purpose and took away from the event itself.  The best practices we see don’t come from Pinterest or extravagance.  A perfect idea was a couple who ordered specialty petit fours for each guest plate instead of a typical party favor.  One of our WH favorites was a couple who cleared the reception hall and performed English Country line dancing for the reception entertainment.
  5. Attend you own wedding with your best attitude. Like everything else in life, you enjoy it better with a heart of gratitude.  It’s easy, especially for type A’s to get stressed and overwhelmed leading up to your big day.  Trust that your wedding is in good hands with the right vendor team and problems will be solved and never reach you.  Plan for quiet time or reframing if you are prone to overwhelm and be sure to rest amply the day before.  Prayer and meditation are good practices the morning of as well.  The most beautiful pre-ceremony exchange yet was a bridal party that formed a circle hand-in-hand of prayer and song with beautiful harmony just before the ceremony.  It set a tone and calmed any pre-ceremony jitters the bride may have had.

The right venue and vendor team will be committed to delivering a flawless event.  The magic surrounding your wedding comes from you as a couple.  These tips can certainly. help and will more importantly ensure you will want to relive the day again and again.