10 ways to have a standout wedding without breaking the bank

While Weymouth Hill (WH) typically attracts mid to high-end weddings, it’s not always the spend that defines the occasion, rather the flair the couple brings.

In the wedding industry, it’s common to hear brides say they don’t want to have the same wedding as a friend or family member.  They will avoid the same venue or caterer or even photographer just to make sure they are different.  However, wedding professionals can tell you there are hardly two weddings exactly alike even in the same location.  Your décor, guests and lineup of events set your event apart.

As we prepare for the 2022 season, we reflect on our 21 season and share some ideas of how your wedding can also be a standout and won’t cost heavy.

  1. Consider a unique date – In an upcoming blog, we highlight prime dates at WH and why they are overlooked and can set your day apart from your sorority sister’s wedding in the same year. One such date is St. Patrick’s Day (or Saturday after) with an emerald, Green palette.  There’s lots of room for creativity here with an Irish menu, green beer or even candy gold coins as party favors, especially fitting if either one of you has Irish roots.
  2. Accomplished musician(s) – A stringed trio is one of our favorites to date and elevated a smaller private wedding to an elegant occasion this year. A cellist or harpist is also unique.   Ask your venue for references.  WH can even get a piano onsite.
  3. Surprise your guests with a food truck at the end of your reception. What better way to end the evening than something festive like street tacos or chicken and waffles.
  4. For summer weddings serve ice cream bars. You can even do a nostalgic ice cream bicycle cart.  Just ask us about ours.
  5. Offer a signature cocktail created just for your wedding. Beer and wine are great offerings, but in our experience even a single cocktail offering gets your guests jazzed.
  6. Choreographed first dance – enough said. All eyes are on you, why not entertain your guests.  You don’t have to take ballroom dance class, tiktok is flooded with many dances and amateurs.
  7. Release of doves, the symbol of love and peace – Ask us about how we can do a release during your ceremony, not only is it photographic, it will surprise your guests.
  8. Travelling Barista – Who doesn’t love a cool coffee shop? Bring that vibe and some caffeine to your wedding.
  9. Parred up dress code for your guests – One of the best-dressed weddings at WH 2021 was a couple from Columbus who sent word to their friends to “show up” for their wedding.  If you want your reception to feel like a cocktail party, why wouldn’t you ask your guests to dress for one?  Attire can also set a mood and doesn’t cost the couple anything.
  10. Offer a Viennese hour – We saw this at a few 21 WH weddings.  In lieu of or in conjunction with a smaller cake, offer an over-the-top dessert table with an assortment of cakes, cookies, tarts, or fancy confectionary.  It has Italian roots but is quickly becoming an American standard.  The dessert buffet is absolutely a wow factor and lends to creative, eye-pleasing edible table design.  It is served after dinner and the cake cutting.

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