12 reasons to consider a winter wedding

By Elizabeth Slagel

Baby it’s cold outside, but what a warming interlude to host a winter wedding to delight the senses and give your friends and family a festive occasion.

Long are the days post New Year’s until the first buds of spring with only Super Bowl, Valentine’s and march madness to slightly anticipate.   The winter blues can easily be erased with ….ah yes….. a wedding—not just any wedding….an enchanting winter wedding.

Here are just a few reasons why not to overlook the winter season when planning your major life event.

  1. Guest availability: Ever try planning an event around graduation season or college football?  While May and October are always keystone months for a wedding, you’re also competing with other major life events that could make your wedding an instant regret.  There’s also the proverbial “big” game that you never dreamed planning a year in advance would coincide on your day and have the groomsmen incessantly checking scores on their phones or clusters of folks in front of any available television.
  2. Vendor availability: When there are less events, those highly sought after vendors are most likely to have openings.
  3. Unique themes: Let’s just say winter wonderland, Narnia, or ski apres.  It’s another opportunity to set your day apart from the overdone.  In a day where most everyone wants his or her day to stand out and not be a replay wedding, winter weddings offer an easy break from the usual.
  4. Cheaper rates: This goes without saying.  Most venues discount the winter season as well as hotels and air travel are typically cheaper.
  5. Honeymoon somewhere warm: There is just something gratifying about traveling to warmer climates in the middle of winter.
  6. Anniversary: Congratulations!  You just stratefically afforded yourself an excuse to wisk away annualy for winter romantic getaways, such as a cozy bed and breakfast or ski weekend.
  7. Seasonal drinks: Your wedding could embrace a signature cocktail such as having whiskey by the fire or a hot toddy and we aren’t talking about the medicinal kind or stay festive and have a cranberry martini.    Lest we not forget mulled drinks that most commonly debut in the brisk season.
  8. Hearty food: Think of food you would never serve on a hot July day.  Bring on the stews, Sheppard’s pie, cioppino, jambayla or heavier pastas.  Why not soup bars, where guests can load toppings on various soups?  Again, the menu can definitely set your wedding apart and have guests relishing afterward the unexpected palate delight.
  9. Hot drinks: For the latte lovers hire your favorite traveling barista.  You just stepped your wedding up a few notches.  We didn’t even mention throwing in a hot cocoa bar.
  10. Embrace the weather: We tell couples who visit Weymouth Hill, ceremonies only last 30 minutes. That’s not unbearable.  Just be sure to warn your guests and inquire if your venue includes patio heaters.
  11. Faux fur, cloaks, and muffs: Most of us are suckers for these classic accessories that are no longer commonplace in our armoires.  A winter wedding gives you an excuse to revel in a classic look with velvet gloves or a wintry cloak that gives an elevated style and interest.
  12. Snow: Use the winter season to your advantage.  Revel in the possibility of snow.  Can we just say gorgeous photos?  Even if you don’t have the white stuff on your day, talk to you venue about a visit back during during a snowfall for a second photo shoot.


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