10 questions to ask while touring about helpfulness of venue staff

            You’ve found the venue that fits your style, in your price range and certainly on your radar.  It appears to fit everything on your checklist, but before you book it’s always smart to know the level of assistance the venue will provide on your wedding day.

Most venues do a good job of advertising as “venue only” rentals where you are essentially renting just the space and maybe some tables and chairs.  If you’re a big DIYer or have a full wedding planner, that may be exactly what you need.  However, for the vast majority, who have never planned a wedding, a helpful venue staff will make your day so much smoother.  That is why many venues across the country are including day of coordinators in their wedding packages.  Unfortunately, helpfulness isn’t a line item that venues can write down in their offerings or you will exactly know from touring.

It’s important to note venues factor in labor and consumables with their price, which is why you will also see varying price ranges among similar venues.  It is not uncommon for us at Weymouth Hill Event Venue to hear, “Wow, you all are so accommodating.  At X,Y,Z venue, we had to take out own trash or mop the floors on our way out the door..”

That’s why it is important to know the difference in a “venue only” rental or regular venue rental.

Even if you’re looking at a regular venue, there are many variations of the level of help that venue will provide on your wedding day.

 Here are some questions you can consider while touring a venue to determine, what kind of support your venue staff will provide:

  1. Will venue staff help us load or unload personal belongings?
  2. Will someone be here all day during our getting ready period?
  3. Are there parking attendants?
  4. Who takes out trash at the end of the evening?
  5. What is the venue’s communication clause after booking?
  6. Does the venue provide any layout suggestions or diagrams of the ceremony and reception spaces?
  7. Does the venue have a recommended vendor list?
  8. Will the venue assist with a space flip?
  9. What if there is a spill?Will staff be on hand to clean?
  10. What about restroom needs?If supplies are low, will venue staff notice?

As a venue owner, I can attest there are far more things the venue staff will actually do on your wedding day if present.  At Weymouth Hill, we staff our client’s weddings fully and with two shifts.  There is always someone on property and ready to address a need should it arise the entire day.

Elizabeth Slagel

Elizabeth worked in public relations before becoming a wife/mother focusing attention on raising three children and supporting her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors. She watched firsthand the grit and sacrifice in building a quality business from the ground and is poised to give 110 percent. Her passion has always been creative endeavors and the wow factor when hosting a business or personal event. The wedding industry is a natural for her as she loves interacting with people and can channel her inner creative.